Starting to catch up

My recent trip kept me very busy, as well as completely revising my website and blog.
As it is a work-in-progress, I’d love to hear your comments and suggestions for improvement!
Meanwhile, here are a few sketches I was able to fit in – the rest are not yet fit for posting, but stay tuned for more as I finish!

Snail on my door!

A snail on my door! At home, a snail on my door would have freaked me out, and called for immediate removal! Oh, but a Positano snail? He can stay as long as he likes!


Plane at airport

At PHL, waiting to go to Italy. Snapped a photo of a different point of view of this plane. I’m usually inside one before I think to take a good look!

PS – So‚Ķdon’t go to my old blog ( as I won’t be visiting there! Stop by here for the latest news!

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