Positano – first day solo – I spy a lizard

Here’s how I spent my first day alone here: woke up with grandiose plans to walk, sketch and organize. Instead, I woke up, had 2 pots of coffee while I “relaxed”, fed the creatures, relaxed some more, ate some lunch (yes, by then it was that late!) then showered, washed and hung out a few clothes, and moved my stuff to another room, where I will stay the rest of the month.

My plans to sketch any part of the fantastic view came to an abrupt stop when I spied this little guy on the living room ceiling! lizard

Since I kept staring at this lizard, I figured I might as well sketch him.

Will he stay up there? Will he jump down? Do I make friends with him (of course it could be a she) or do I gently assist his exit?

This is new to me, and I appreciate any ideas on what to do next. And no, leaving is not an option! I am caretaking a pair of furry friends, so I’m here for the duration.

2 thoughts on “Positano – first day solo – I spy a lizard

  1. Toni Grekin

    A junco started a nest in my porch hanging basket. One the first day, I removed the twigs, and again on the second day. I put a bright orange plastic thing in it’s place to dissuade her as I use a fertilizer and pour water in daily. The next day she started the nest in the next hanging basket and by the end of the day there were now 3 eggs in it. What to do? The plant is a living thing. The bird is a living thing. I queried friends whom I know enjoy birdlife. I started carefully adding water only around the edges of the plant but it was staying too dry to survive. Then a friend said, “The bird made a dumb choice. You warned her. She’s on her own”. My daughter came with her 5 year old, and, being of higher intelligence than her mother, lifted the hanging basket and put it onto the porch floor for Lowy to get a good look at the eggs. Why hadn’t I thought to water it on the floor? I continued doing this until I noticed the eggs were gone and grey fluffy things in their place. But they didn’t move and I was sure they were dead. Two days later the nest was empty. Life is not perfect. We give it our best shot. I admire creepy crawly things outside, but not in my bed. Good luck, dearest Bernadette! Toni

    1. artbybam Post author

      Hi Toni,
      Thanks for sharing your story. I guess the babies survived! You can never be sure, I guess.
      I was lucky, the next morning, Mr Lizard was gone. I’m caretaking a cat and a dog right now, so the lizard is lucky he got away!


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